Trichology: branch of dermatology covering

Trichology: branch of dermatology covering

Some people tended to associate psychological factors with it, but as in all these diseases that affect the immune system, psychological factors, like other factors that are poorly understood, can be “promoters” of an episode, but it is not the real factors of the disease.

There is a family or personal ground , the pathology appears more at one time than at another, but the psychological factor is not the reason.

On the other hand, having a blight is not without psychological consequences, of course.

The problem of alopecia areata is that it is the pathology of a life , one can be affected a first time to two years, then to adolescence, then to adulthood for example …

We must therefore consider treatments that can be used in the long term, always weighing the benefits / risks according to the cases, episodes and ages.

But hair can also grow back on its own, more or less long-term; this is the case for most of the pelt pampering.

Statistically, when there is severe alopecia areata in childhood, there is a high risk that there will be more severe recurrence in adulthood.

Another case of hair loss in plates: trichotillomania .
It is a disorder characterized by the compulsive pulling of one’s own hair and / or hair , resulting in visible alopecia .

The causes are far from simple, and among the offending causes, neurobiological factors could be taken into account, and not just psychological as previously thought.

The phenomenon is to be differentiated from OCD .

It is a pathology very handicapping. It is often transient in children, however, in a teenager or an adult, we are facing a much more chronic disease, as we know it and approach it for the moment .

Faced with these symptoms, the dermatologist will observe with his dermoscope and a particular light (the plate is it fluorescent?) And will have a sample taken by a laboratory to find out which is the mushroom responsible.

This cause of alopecia is especially present in children because they have little sebum and therefore more risk of contracting can check here infomation about dermatologue cheveux.

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