There is always time for the patient. Denta point – modern office

There is always time for the patient. Denta point – modern office

Choose a dental floss suitable for your needs and taste preferences. You can choose among threads waxed or not covered with wax, with or without fluorine, flavored, with the addition of silver ions, thicker, thinner …

Wash your hands thoroughly and cut off a piece of thread about 30 cm long.

If you are a novice dental user, you may need up to 40 cm of the piece.

Every person who is forced to insert a prosthesis, wonders what kind of solution he has at his disposal, and above all, how long it will take for the prosthesis process and how long it will be necessary to function without his own teeth. Early and immediate dentures come with help in such situations.

Contemporary dental prosthetics

Let’s not get crazy about the solutions for hundreds of thousands of zlotys. Aesthetic dentistry at a high level also includes prosthetic restorations – movable, these will be done in a few days. The level of oral hygiene of Poles leaves much to be desired.

We brush our teeth too rarely, shortly and inaccurately, and yet proper oral hygiene is the basis for the health of our teeth. Deficiencies in hygiene result in dental diseases, and neglect, combined with the low frequency of visits to the dentist’s office, unfortunately unfortunately lead to the loss of their own teeth and, consequently, the need to replace their own teeth – a dental can check here infomation about ból zęba.

Modern dental prosthetics offers a number of solutions, among which an experienced dentist will choose the most optimal denture for a given patient, taking into account not only the specific conditions of his dentition, but also his needs. For people who care about time and want to have new teeth as soon as possible, dental prosthetics provides two solutions allowing for prosthesis much faster than the period of gingival healing after the extraction: immediate prosthesis and early prosthesis.

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