The Best Curry Houses in and Around Brick Lane

Best Restaurant on Brick Lane

104 Brick Ln.The vibe: There’s a lot more area right here than you’ll imagine, so in case you plan in advance, you could get a big institution reserving without problems.What to get: The mixed grill is the way to move.anything to avoid? The provider borders on sluggish, with a facet of rudeness, and the quantities are smallish.

rating: five/10


132 Brick Ln.The vibe: while this location has higher service than some around, it maintains matters quite truthful, with minimal decor or even greater of the bizarre multicolored lighting.

What to get: The papadums are super.something to keep away from? If you like sweet food, it’s your fortunate day. maximum of the dishes are notoriously sweet and syrupy.

rating: 5/10


a hundred thirty Brick Ln.The vibe: a few human beings have fond recollections of this location from as a long way returned because the ‘50s. but these days, each the meals and the carrier appear to yo-yo between amazing and horrendous; Russian (or Indian, alternatively) roulette at its best.What to get: The curry, even though every so often it is a bit bland.whatever to avoid? unless you want the fun of uncertainly, the complete area in popular.rating: 5/10


seventy eight Brick Ln.The vibe: The neon sign out of doors shines like an epic beacon, drawing in inebriated wanderers like moths to a flame, except that the meals isn’t almost as warm or dangerous. huge plus: it absolutely supports BYO, and there may be an off-license 50m away, so pass organized.

What to get: The saag aloo hits the spot.

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