No need to be sad about Quebec rejections! Other PNPs are there

As compared to Quebec which rejected all its 16,000 pending applications, the PNPs of the other provinces are quite welcoming. British Columbia and Ontario are quite welcoming to immigrants.  The province of British Columbia has invited 31,000 immigrants so far. A large number of these immigrants got the invitation through the Express Entry-skilled worker category. This category selects candidates who have experience and have been proposed job in an occupation which is in demand in this province. 936 invitations were further extended through the Express Entry: International graduate category. This category is meant for those who have graduated from a certain Canadian university in the previous 3 years.

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Express Entry: Postgraduate category: This immigration stream is meant for those who have taken post-secondary education from British Columbia. However, this educational qualification must be in one of the fields of applied sciences. 936 invitations were issued to both the Express Entry: International Graduate and 165 invites were issued to candidates of Express Entry: Post Graduate stream.

Alberta Express Entry

Alberta has also issued nominations to the candidates. Although it has been given a quota of 6,000 candidates for invites, it has only issued invites to 2,476 candidates. This is a huge number. So, candidates can easily apply to Alberta through the Express Entry stream. The Alberta Express Entry stream takes out candidates from the Express Entry pool for immigration there.

The eligibility criteria for this stream are the same as that for the Express Entry. The candidates can be hopeful for this stream because it selects candidates with a low score of 300. This is significantly lower than the lowest score for selecting candidates from the Express Entry pool at a score of 438. So, the decision of Quebec must not dampen the spirits of those willing to get the PR of Canada.

Manitoba: Skilled Worker Overseas and Skilled Workers In Manitoba

Manitoba provincial nominee program has also invited a lot of candidates through its popular immigration streams which are Skilled worker in Manitoba and Skilled workers overseas.

There is a large number of invites(1952) issued by Manitoba in 2019, and the number of candidates selected has been 1,932 for both the streams of Manitoba mentioned above. Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia are great provinces to live in Canada.

Manitoba has a less unemployment rate due to which it is easy to work there. The economy of this province is also prospering.

Nova Scotia Labor market priorities stream

Nova Scotia has immigration streams that are in sync with the express entry. The candidate first needs to apply to express entry to get picked up according to these streams. These three streams are Nova Scotia labor market priorities stream and Nova Scotia occupations-in-demand and Nova Scotia experience. The Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities stream selects candidates through the express entry for the two profiles of early childhood educators and assistants and financial auditors and accountants.

Nova Scotia invited 1,400 candidates in the previous year and a majority of them were invited through these 3 streams. Out of 1,400, 1,094 were taken through these streams only. You can get in touch with Nile Migration to get all the information about the immigration streams of these different provinces.

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