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Discord offers a curated listing of formally vetted libraries and warns that:

The use of custom implementations or non-compliant libraries which abuse the API or reason immoderate price limits may result in a permanent ban.

The libraries officially vetted by way of Discord are typically Discord bot, nicely-documented, and characteristic complete insurance of the Discord API. most bot developers will by no means have a terrific purpose to increase a custom implementation, except out of interest, or bravery!

At the moment, the officially vetted libraries consist of implementations for Crystal, C#, D, pass, Java, JavaScript, Lua, Nim, personal home page, Python, Ruby, Rust, and speedy. There can be two or more specific libraries for your language of preference. choosing which to use can be a difficult selection.

In addition to checking out the respective documentation, you may need to sign up for the unofficial Discord API server and get a experience for what type of community is in the back of each library.

How to Make a Discord Bot

Permit’s get right down to commercial enterprise. We’re going to create a Discord bot that hangs out in our server and listens for webhooks from Ko-fi. Ko-fi is a service that lets in you to without difficulty receive donations on your PayPal account. It’s very simple to set up webhooks there, instead of PayPal wherein you need to have a enterprise account, so it’s extremely good for demonstration purposes or small-scale donation processing.

Whilst a consumer donates $10 or more, the bot will assign them a top class Member role that modifications their call colour and actions them to the top of the web customers’ list. For this project, we’re going to use Node.js and a Discord API library called Eris.

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