Selecting the Right Roof Contractor

How do you know if you are getting the best roof contractor for your project? Lets face it, most homeowners do not have a roof contractor in their Rolodex or file like a their doctor, dentist, or even plumber for that matter. ehandelinspirasjon The reason is most people simply do not have that need on a regular basis. Understandably so.

When you have the need to hire a roof contractor for a new roof or even a repair, you must be sure you are hiring the right people for the job. Here are several guidelines you can follow to ensure you are getting a professional roof contractor who will afford the best possible value for your dollar.

1) Do your due diligence before you decide. ehandelmagasin Check and research each contractor you contact.

a) How long have they been in business?

b) Are they a local company?

c) What types of insurance to they carry?  ehandelnews Ask to see their Certificate of Insurance.

d) Do they have a BBB accreditation? What is their ranking?

e) Can they provide you with legitimate references of previous completed projects?

Clearly, in most instances, the longer the company has been in business, the more stable it is. That is not to say, a newer company 2-5 years old cannot provide outstanding service and value. Keep in mind, most roof contractors (85%) do not last more than 5 years in business.

Having a local company servicing your roof is very important. If there are concerns, which present themselves after the project has been completed, you want to know that company you hired will be back to address your concerns. Too many times an out of town company (storm chaser) suddenly appears after a hailstorm, ehandelnyheter hurricane or tornadoes offering low prices to repair or replace a roof. Several weeks later when they have completed their jobs they simply leave town. Homeowners have very little recourse but to hire another roof contractor if there is a service issue. Be cautious.

The minimum coverage should include worker compensation and general liability insurance.

Check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). forbrukermagasin You can find this information on-line. Check for complaints. If there are complaints, check how they were handled. Keep in mind, some complaints are OK if they are handled in a timely, responsive manner.

Have the contractor provide you with photos, and direct contact information of their previously completed projects. Those references are very important to gain a better understanding of their abilities.

2) During your meeting with the contractor consider the following.

a) Was the contractor’s appearance professional?

b) Was their proposal thorough and comprehensive meeting the needs of the project?

c) Did the contractor provide the opportunity to ask questions about the project?

Making a good impression with an appropriate appearance is important. Although not a guaranty, a good appearance usually means the contractor cares. A professional contractor will demonstrate a genuine interest in you and your project.

A solid proposal addresses all the needs of your project, including contingencies, which could come into play. Concealed damage in the form of rotted sheathing or rafters frequently occurs. Make sure the proposal addresses these types of issues.

You want the meeting to serve as a two-way consultation, free-flowing sharing of information. You may not make a final decision when the contractor leaves, but you want to be very confident you have all the information you need.

These guidelines you help you avoid making the wrong decision on your roofing project.


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