Independent Publishing – It is a Business!

So many writers fail to fully consider what they are doing, Business plan writer Vancouver when they begin writing a book. They are so focused on writing “the manuscript” that they neglect to remember, they are starting a business! After all, the goal of writing that book is to publish and sell it, isn’t it?

As with every new business, autocar-australia it is critical to have a solid business plan in place. Part of a business plan includes marketing. Before a self publishing author Finance Training or independent publisher even begins to write “the manuscript” it is critical that the audience for the book must be identified.


  • What age group are you writing to?
  • What sex would be most likely to be a potential buyer?
  • What socio- economic group would be interested in the subject matter?
  • If you are selling through e-commerce, will you use an order fulfillment company to handle the business, administrative and shipping tasks of internet selling? hardwood floor refinishing
  • Are you adept at knowing how to reach the largest communities of potential readers?
  • How are you going to reach your potential buyers?
  • What environments will you place your book in? Retail, internet, gift shops, libraries, wholesale, bookstores?
  • Will you use internet marketing, direct mailings, a promotion company?


These issues and more are vitally important to address before you even begin the writing process. Don’t think of yourself purely as a writer, because, when you decide to publish your book, you will be a business person as well, like it or not! Luckily, more info please visit:- there are companies that can assist you along the way, including writing a solid book marketing plan. If you are not business minded and if you wish to focus only what you do best – writing -seek the help of a company specializing in e-marketing for independent publishers.


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