Eco-Friendly Kitchen Solutions

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Solutions

The kitchen area of your home definitely needs a lot of care and maintenance when it comes to cleaning. In fact, it should be noted that it likely requires the most cleaning than anything else, cookware solution as it is where you eat and cook your meals.

Kitchen cleaning can be just as easily performed with Eco-friendly solutions, which are more than enough to keep the area sanitized and ready for some cooking action. Instead of trying to figure out which solution is less harmful to the environment, you should stock few green supplies such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon. These are of excellent help when it comes to cleaning service in the kitchen. Here is how you can use them effectively:

– Oven cleaning – this is one of the most feared chores that you have to deal with. While it is true that self-cleaning ovens can spare you all of the trouble related to cleaning, more info please visit sites:- you may not be lucky enough to own one. Fear not then, for there is a method, which is Eco-friendly and proven to be very effective. Mix a paste-like compound of baking soda and water. Spread it all around the oven interior and leave it for the night. Then scrape it out and enjoy your oven looking as good as new. Be preventive about this – cleaning the grime and grease one bit a time will keep it from accumulating.

– Unclog a sink drain – you may want to rush to the shop and get the first drain cleaner you set your eyes on, but that is not always preferable. Some of these solutions are quite acidic and may in fact damage the drain, which is the last thing you want. That is why you can consider high-pressure water as treatment for the clog. Alternatively, large doses of boiling water poured down the drain often do the trick just as fine. For some heavy-duty cleaning service, mix half cup salt with half cup baking soda and pour down the drain.

– Sanitizing kitchen utensils and containers – if you have a pile of stained utensils made of plastic, rubber or silicone, you can easily clean those with a baking soda paste. Just apply it to stain marks and scour with a pad. If you want an added benefit of introducing extra refreshment to your containers, you can make the paste with lemon juice.

– Shining dishes and cookware – you are probably aware that most of the modern high-end enamel of cookware requires a cleaning service without any abrasives, it is fine to use baking soda paste for tough stains. Pans used for roasting are very hard to clean, which is why it is advisable to fill them with hot water and later scrub with some salt.


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