How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online and Offline

The Internet is becoming more widespread. Numbers are growing by the thousands in the amount of people creating massive success by leveraging the Internet to grow their Network Marketing business.

Now it is very apparent that every network marketer needs more leads and more cashflow to run their business. Before I get into more detail on online lead generation strategies let me talk about why I think offline marketing marketing is still very effective in today’s ever changing economy.

Power houses like Robert Blackman of Amway built a multi million dollar organisation using simple postcard methods and is known to have posted some where in the region of over 8 million postcards.

Direct mail sales letters are more detailed but again there are few people in Network Marketing doing it, and you will need to learn good copywriting skills or outsource to an experienced copy writer for a fee. These strategies targeted to the right audience can still be effective.

The pros to this method is that there are few people actually doing it and you will stand out in the crowd. The cons are it can be expensive.

Another great offline strategy for creating leads is the us of drop cards. Drop cards are cards that mimic real money and once placed strategically in places like magazines, please visit:- books and newspapers. There is no way that somebody will not open it and find your information.

Now there are many online methods that are also very effective and will generate a consistent flow of leads for your Network Marketing business. There are paid methods as well as free. Some of the paid methods include:

1. Pay per click
2. Ezine ads
3. Solo Ads
4. Banner Ads
5. CPA Networks

Some free methods include::

1. Video Marketing
2. Articles
3. Forum Marketing
4. Social Media
5. Free classified ads

With all these online strategies the pros are that with the paid advertising the leads could start coming in very quickly. The cons are you would need to know what amount of money your willing to invest as this can also be expensive. With the free methods it may take longer to start seeing results but once your content is out there you may be generating leads for months or even years. The cons are that you will need to spend time putting the content together.

My advice would be to pick 2 or 3 that best suit your skills, and master them. There are many people that come onto the Internet and get overwhelmed, try to do everything at once and end up losing money and giving up.

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