Steady As She Goes

With all the “fiscal cliff” talk, panic, paranoia and commotion about the subject, I just wanted to speak to those of you who are running your own business, keeping on task and pushing forward. First of all I want to congratulate you for your steadiness of hand, for your persistence. Keep it up, you will be fine.

If you listen to the new media you might think that the world is coming to an end. Generally, that’s how they report it. After all, they are in business to sell advertising and bad news always draws more listeners and readers than good news. So they try to sensationalize as much as they can. The news media want to report the “news” in a way that will increase their ratings, so it is important for us to discount their account of most stories. At least, that is my way of thinking.

Most crises in our society seem to work their way out. After the current problem is “solved” the media will go find or invent another and possibly blow it all out of proportion to increase their ratings. Remember the Trayvon Martin affair? Although a tragedy, once the public learned most of the truth, the story does not now seem to exist, at least in the eyes of the news writers and broadcasters. How about the killing of our ambassador in Libya? When the media “thought” the raid on the compound was caused by some anti-Muslim movie, they were all over it, but once again, when the public found out much of the truth the hot news of that day is rarely heard of in this day. It is almost like it never happened.

My point is this, figure out for yourself what matters to your business and what doesn’t and then find out the facts, for yourself, then make a judgment and keep moving your business forward. Don’t hide your head in the sand and pull in your wings, keep making it happen. The media doesn’t care about your business, they are only interested in their business, and they are good at it.

If some news story is really important to your business, you probably belong to a trade organization that will help you sort through the truth. Sort it out and keep a steady hand on the controls. After all, if you don’t do it no one will. Just keep the news media around for a few laughs. They can be rather comical at times. Good luck.

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