Some News on Real Estate Trends

Anyone interested in acquiring Phoenix, AZ real estate will benefit from a bit of knowledge about current trends. This will apply to standard home buyers, investors, and those looking for a good place to retire.

First of all, the mortgage rates throughout the country are at record lows (with some lenders offering rates comparable to those of the early 1970s). This means that the already excellent prices on Phoenix, Arizona homes will translate to a wider array of options for buyers at all levels. Over the past few years, the housing supply has increased in volume, and this has caused many sellers to drop prices in order to remain competitive. So, prices are going down while the numbers of homes have increased. Clearly it is a buyer’s market.

It is also significant to note that the entire Phoenix metropolitan area is becoming known for its excellent quality of life. Consider the reputation of Scottsdale real estate which is seen as offering one of the best locations to live for retirees, young families, and thousands of corporate employees.

There are dozens of Fortune 1000 corporations located in the region, and the aerospace and computer industries are long established as well. The Phoenix and Scottsdale areas tend to see median incomes at higher levels than anywhere else in the state due to the excellent range of employment options too.

Some of the suburbs surrounding the many Phoenix and Scottsdale homes for sale also happen to contain nationally recognized school systems, high-quality museums and landmarks, and top notch recreational facilities and parks as well. Just consider that the nation’s largest and finest dog park is in the area, the best fine arts museum for children ages one to twelve is located in the area, and that many professional sports team conduct off-season training here as well.

If someone is sincerely interested in purchasing an investment property, second home, or relocating to the area, it is likely that they will find some of the best pricing possible. There is also a huge market for short sales and Phoenix and Scottsdale foreclosure properties as well. The wisest choice for those looking to really take advantage of the excellent buyer’s trends occurring throughout this region is to work with an experienced and knowledgeable realtor. They can identify the best options and help a motivated buyer to obtain the property they want at a price they can afford.

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