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Well we are hardly through with the 2005 Hurricane season. We appear to be on track to beat the NOAA Scientific Predictions and Weather Forecasts. This year we had record breaking Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita and had 17 Named Storms up to that point. Of the Hurricanes this year only two were topical depressions the rest were either Tropical Storms or Full-on Hurricanes. In fact two Hurricanes; Both Katrina and Rita, reached Category V and now go down in the record books as the fourth and fifth most powerful Hurricanes recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

The weather forecasters originally called for 13 named storms this Hurricane Season, then up graded that when Hurricane Season got a two-week head start on us. Now they are predicting 18-21 named storms in the Atlantic this Hurricane Season, however we are only three storms away and still have a month and almost 40% left to go in the season.

What Hurricane Names are Left? The only names left now are; Tammy, Vince and Wilma. There is a good possibility that we will have used up four more names before we end October? One or two may even become a Hurricanes like the recent Hurricane Stan which killed 70 people in Mexico before it hit Veracruz and headed into the mountains for more torrential rain and flooding?

The upgraded forecasts are for there to be Hurricanes to 18-21 Tropical Named Storms, with 9 to 11 Hurricanes and of those Hurricanes 5-7 would be Category III or higher. They predicted a double the normal amount of named storms for the 2005 Hurricane. Soon we will be out of names and go to the Greek Alphabet; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.; in fact we will most likely run out of name well before the switch to daylight savings times. You can bet that the Weather Scientists are watching closely as this 2005 Hurricane Season shatters all records from past periods. Think on this.

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