Horse Racing News, the 2008 Breeder’s Cup Races at Santa Anita’s Oak Tree Meet

This years Breeder’s Cup races will be held at beautiful Santa Anita during the popular Oak Tree meet. The Oak Tree Racing Association announced that the two day event will occur on October 24th and 25th.

This will be the fourth Breeder’s Cup held at Santa Anita. The inaugural Breeder’s Cup was also held in Southern California at Hollywood Park. Due to the addition of a synthetic racing surface, it is thought that many trainers from other countries will be sending their horses to race in these prestigious and high priced races. The lure of a more forgiving surface, with less chance of injury or influence of the weather, will likely encourage European trainers to bring their horses to Southern California for the meet.

This will lead to large fields for the races and more of an international flavor. Full fields and international entries will also encourage more participation in the betting pools both here in the states and in other countries as well.

Spread over the two cards, the Breeders Cup races will have purses totaling 23 million dollars. It is not just the lure of purses however, that brings so many to the Breeder’s Cup races. As the races have progressed over the years they have grown in stature with the great horses who have competed in them.

The word classic, now applied to these races, along with a history that spans over 20 years has added prestige. Of particular interest, of course, is whether Big Brown, winner of two of the three Triple Crown Races this year, will manage to win against older horses and secure his place in racing history.

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