He and His All Are For All – Good News

Here is another revelation of the Bible, God’s revelation of His will and truths to us, which should cause us some joy, encouragement and hope. It is that God and His all are for all – every person.

Sometimes, some people, either unconsciously or consciously, give the impression or draw the conclusion that God is only for them or for some others. God’s introduction of Himself to some people of old as the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, or the God of Israel should not be construed to mean that He was and is only for those persons, and so every other person must go through them to reach Him, or rule himself/herself out of the list of those for whom God and His all are. His choice of that, that is introducing Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to the people concerned was to help them to know that they were not dealing with another or strange God, but the same God that their fathers served, worshiped or dealt with. It was also to restate or affirm His immutability or exchangeability.

And the fact that those of old, like Elijah, etc., addressed God as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in their prayers should not be misunderstood that they saw Him as only the God of those their fathers, or in the sense the sons of Scever saw Jesus or associated Him to Paul (Acts 19:11-15). Those people, e.g. Elijah, did so as a matter of reminding or letting God know that He was not dealing with strangers or strange children, but children of those who had served Him and with whom He had dealt (1Kings 18:36). Even though Elijah addressed God as the God of Abraham, etc., he still made reference to his personal relationship with Him showing that he also saw Him as his own God.

In the time of Moses, the children of Israel behaved as though God was that of Moses alone and they were to be under his shadow to experience, hear or receive from Him.
They would prefer to stay or be far from God’s presence while Moses should get closer, hear and relay to them (Exodus 20: 18-21).

Today, there are still people who behave like the children of Israel. They see God and His things as belonging to some categories of people and not to them. They act as strangers or second-rated people of God. They would not get closer or deeper to or with God. They would not dare seek God’s power and other things of God, for them such do not belong to them. Power of God; Gifts of the Spirit; holiness of life; insight; deeper knowledge or understanding of things of God or Spirit and other blessings or experiences from God are not for them, they are for some people. To have or experience such, such people would always want to go to, align with or hide under the name of those for whom they feel that God and His things are. Some people and places have not helped matters as they consciously or unconsciously give the impression and encourage others to believe that God is only for them, that God’s power, blessings, etc. are only for and through them. This is the reason for such slogans as “The God of so, so”. Some people feel too inferior before others for whom they feel that God is.

The truth and good tiding however is that God and His all are for all- for every person. God is a universal God and His things; blessings, etc. are for all. This is why He would always use such words as “Whosoever that”; “They that”; “He that”; etc. in His promises, instructions or declarations. There is no discrimination with God and His all. God is accessible to all; His doors are open to all; His power, Spirit, gifts and any blessings are for all, “whosoever”. Any person, from wherever and whatever background can reach or find God, His mercy, salvation, goodness, power, Spirit, gifts and other blessings or experiences. He and His all are for all. All that is required is to believe, seek and expect to have.

Any person can get anything from God and through God; can reach to any height in God; can get any measure of God’s power, spirit, gifts or blessings. It is a question of desire, thirst, quest, determination, faith and some “works” (efforts). Any person can make name or fame in God, through God and to His glory. No one has that prerogative or exclusive right, for GOD AND HIS ALL ARE FOR ALL. No one should feel inferior, marginalized, a stranger or excluded. Let no person see any person(s) as having or owning God or His things more than him/her. God wills that we have Him and His all as our inheritance or reward (Genesis 15:1). Our present situation might shield the reality and feasibility of that from us, like in the case of Abraham, yet it is true. Let us begin to see and confess God and His all as equally ours as they were and are for others, for GOD AND HIS ALL ARE FOR ALL.

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