The Original Investigative News Show is Still Going Strong

How many times have people asked me, “Did you see the report on 60 MINUTES about?” The articles seem to relate to so many people, and are often the starting point of relevant discussions. They cover subjects that are happening in the news, things that amaze you, others you are so glad you now know about, and the ones that are shamefully a part of our world. It’s often painful to see the articles on Iraq, Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and other areas around the world where the travesties of war continue. Often the 60 MINUTES stories are appalling things happening in this country, such as the report on veterans’ care. Last week’s “Did the Ex-governor of Alabama Get a Raw Deal?” questioned our country’s justice system, yet again.

The reporters have changed over the years, some sadly gone forever. Mike Wallace was there from the beginning, and retired last year. I miss him as well as Dan Rather and Ed Bradley. At least Steve Kroft, Scott Pelley, and Katie Couric are keeping up the tradition of serious, confrontational reporting. More details please visit:-

Every week there’s something I don’t want to miss. They seek to give each side a chance to express their opinions. When one side declines to respond you can figure that 60 MINUTES was on to something.

Now a word about Andy Rooney. Of all the years I’ve watched his words at the end of the show, there are only two where he deserved any pay at all. One was his offer of a million dollars to anyone who could give information to a conviction, of anyone other than O.J. Simpson, in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman. The second one was something you could actually call a report about the billions this country gives to Israel, a country that has the GNP of Italy. He must be the most overpaid person on television.

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