People In The News,Lovely People, Non People,And Getting On With Strangers

Murders happen.
Our shop has had many customers,and we often have spent a lot of quality time with them.
There have been so many though, that sometimes you can’t remember if they were a customer or not, especially if their picture relates to some bad news.After all, bad news doesn’t seem real.Things get a bit surreal.

Unless they have been regular customers,looking at their picture in the paper, or seeing events unfold on television makes you wonder if you are just imagining things.

Our shop has been open to all sorts of alternative people, and a mix of races.It seems like the world is a huge happy and safe place.

I hope people do not take advantage of this and think that just because people of another race or dress differently
are therefore cool and drop their guard like we seem to in our shop.Perhaps this is the bad news you need to convince you to quit smoking. But why wait? Only you can make that final decision. Only you can build the will necessary to quit smoking. More details please visit:-

What many of our customers don’t realize is, that they personally are fully deserving of such service.We would never extrapolate across race or even un-kemptness, or well dressed for that matter.Also, the service we may have given over time may have helped to civilize such people whom confronted with no chance of guard dropping can become wild and unstable.If some one is tough and gets called certain names,it could be a recipe for disaster.

There are people who do not know how to relate to strangers.

Dealing with the public,you have to be a continuous judge of character.You can still get a bad cheque, yet afterwards you often realize you could have seen the signs that all was not right.

More than one pretty girl has asked why I always have a big smile when I see them.Well Hello?Is it not obvious?But no, people do act in many strange ways.If these girls think my smile is unusual, then how do others react to them?

I was with a very cute dog in a doorway, and not all who passed reacted and smiled in an appreciative way.
The biggest smiles seemed to be from Japanese girls.So whilst the West goes for animal rights, the actual love in any split moment may be lacking?

Two particularly beautiful girls were sitting for a cup of tea when I came back from the movies.But these two looked like they were straight out of it.

My Dad had invited them in for a cup of tea, and they stayed for dinner.

It turned out that these two Canadian tourists were shunned from top to bottom of our lovely country.

Too beautiful?
I have heard of this with Belinda Green, an Australian Miss World,whom found it impossible to meet any man for romance.

Maybe it is a case of too many with dirty ( or in girl’s cases spiteful) minds.This can , if it is your first thought , prevent easy greetings and then conversation.Thinking that the world does not know what goes on in dark alleyways, and in not admitting that you lack ‘Saviour Faire’ in situations of excess excitement, makes for a boring and also dangerous place.

There has been a bit of a war between the sexes lately, and yet, on the other hand excess extreme expectations.’Hello?’ No I don’t think that will be said.Well not in the mind any way.I don’t honestly think there would be any action.There would be few who would not look at images usually far removed from reality.

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