Mold in the News

Mold problems are frequently in the news these days. It might seem like a fairly harmless product of nature, but left unchecked mold can actually lead to many health problems. The reason why mold problems do arise is that it is often left unchecked because people just don’t realize it’s there. Mold likes dark damp places and so it tends to grow in areas where we don’t venture much such as the attic. Some people only make a trip to their attic once a year and some not even that. In buildings where many families live thing can get even more problematic.

You will frequently hear stories in the news about how families have had to completely renovate their home because of mold problems. In some cases this can end up costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars because they have had to gut the house. In 2004 a skyscraper in New York had mold so bad that the owners were decided to have it pulled down. This was the Deutsche Bank Tower that managed to withstand debris from the 9/11 attack but could still yet be destroyed by mold.

This year a TV documentary in the UK investigated sick building syndrome and found that in many cases it was mold that was causing the problem. This documentary went on to explain how defects in the way we build have big implications for the growth of mold; in fact it seems like we are creating the ideal conditions for mold. Even some of our attempts at reducing carbon emissions are having negative consequences because ‘increased building tightness’ is leading to increased humidity and more incidences of mold. The show went on to say that architects and builders were just not putting enough attention into ventilation. More details please

Other mold problems can lead to big disputes between landlords and tenants about who is actually responsible for the problem. Sometimes these disputes can end up in court with landlords being forced to pay for the work. These stories frequently reach the news.

As you can see mold problems create a lot of news interest both nationally and locally. If you don’t want your difficulties with Mold to reach the headlines then you would be wise to tackle this issue before it begins to negatively impact your family. Check those places where mold could be hiding. If people in your family start having unexplained sickness then definitely consider that mold might be the problem.

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