Good News

Just as you are thinking just trying to start your day. Thinking okay got to get up. What is the first thing that you hear. Either once you turn on the TV or the TV timer turns on in the morning. It’s the morning news person. What are they talking about first thing in the morning. Bad news, murder, shooting, gas is going up, war, taxes, traffic etc… The when you get home. Pretty much the same bad news. Every morning and every night they and others are more then happy to share the with us a laundry list of not very positive news.

Then you get to work and what are the first things you hear. I hate my job, my wife, husband, children, supervisor, car, I tired, etc. I was watching a movie on TV the a few years ago and the guy in the movie said “Every body wants to go to haven but nobody wants to die.” It is a funny saying but it holds some very real truths. We are all funny I think that most people do not know what they want or need. If you stop and listen to people you hear some really strange things. I need to lose weight, but you refuse to exercise, I do not have any money but you waste the money you have on things that you do not need, I am a Christian, baptist etc, but you live like you are a life time member of the devil’s or evil’s fan club. More details please visit:-

Okay I think that I have made my point. Here is the good news you can change. You know what you do you are not stupid. Look in the mirror and take stock of your self and your actions. In short STOP IT TODAY. STOP IT NOW. Like the guy in the movie said “Every body wants to go to haven but nobody wants to die.” Let’s add to that if you stay on the present path Hell will not have to wait for you. You will not be able to to say Tell Hell I Ain’t Coming.

Each morning you should meet the day with a smile. Not that fake one that you have been using in the past to this point. Use the real one it is there going to the church is fine. But living with the principals that the church is suppose to stand for is better. Living that way everyday is outstanding. You give ties great yes that money can help many but what about giving time and yourself. Does your pastor need a new high priced car. Try this help someone today and keep it to yourself. Do not look for a pat on the back for it.

You body is a temple are you taking care of you? If you don’t there is a price. A great car with a bad engine will not run or will not run long or well. A car with faults wiring will not run long if it start/runs at all. We are all here for a reason. If you are not here we may never find what the reason or purpose is. We all have great gifts to give and share with some one and in many cases the world. Remember no matter what you do you can not make it through this life alive. So lets make the time that we have on this earth count.

It is something to think about.

Hey if you want to waste your money send it to me.

If you want to waste your time, waste it on something positive. Do not waste it in front of the TV or in bed sleeping. My father use to tell me “get up you will sleep long enough when you die.” Time should not be wasted. You can not get a second of wasted time back.

Please note that this article is not about religion it is about being the best that you could be and using you time and money in a positive way. To help someone other then yourself. To stop just for a minute and know that you do matter a lot. If you have new car, big house and lots of money that is fine, great, outstanding I am happy for you. I also wish you the very best. The question is are you happy?

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