News Programs – Your Mental Computer

“Hold in mind what you want and that’s what you’ll be getting all the time.”

Those are the words of Lester Levenson.

Hold in mind what you want means, keep in mind what you want, what you would like to have.

Keeping in mind what you want, gives you the consciousness of what you want. We know our mind is creative. You create what you hold in mind. Holding in mind, keeping in mind thoughts of what you want creates what you want.

Do you have what you want in your life?

If you do, it’s because your mind is full of thoughts of what you want.

The news headlines today are about calamity, fear, loss and lack. A lot of people think they have to believe what the news is telling them. A lot of people are drawn to the magnet of cable television news programs running 24 hours a day. More details please visit:-

Whether we are know it or not, allowing into our consciousness, our mind, negative thoughts, impressions, and pictures broadcast on the news, is holding all of that negativity in mind. It is imprinting on our mind.

Our mind works like a computer. When you put programs into your mental computer, those programs run 24/7. And you are looking out at the world through the filter of all those computer programs you have running.

Unless you are conscious and releasing the subtle feelings stirred up by the news, your view is blurred by all that negativity.

Negative news is all over the place. We become immune to it. We don’t even notice we are seeing it even though the images are imprinting on our subconscious mind. We’re allowing all of this negative news programming into our mental computer. We are getting subtly more and more negative without noticing it.

How can our mind create good in our life when it is being fed a constant, steady diet of gloom and doom. A constant diet of what is wrong.

Like a computer, our mind is playing negative programs that are clogging it up just like our computer gets clogged up if we jam a bunch of virus laden programs into it.

We can look at our life and see what we are creating with the mental programs.

If our life is full of what we want, it’s because we have programmed our mind with thoughts that match what we want. If our life is not full of what we want, it is easy to see why. We have unconsciously allowed in and kept in our mind thoughts of what we don’t want. We have allowed into our mental computer thoughts of troubles, problems and catastrophes.

We can look at our life and see the mental programs we are running just as we look at our computer monitor and see the programs our computer is running.

So what? someone may ask.

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