The Latest and the Greatest Miley Cyrus News

The latest and greatest in Miley Cyrus news is that the “Best of Both Worlds Tour” kicked off on October 18th to a packed house. All 54 tour dates are sold out and getting tickets is impossible without going to your friendly neighborhood ticket scalper. An acclaim to Miley’s popularity is that some arenas were sold out in less than 15 minutes.

On October 5th, Miley celebrated her 16th birthday (yes we know she won’t be 16 until November) at Disneyland. Disneyland closed their doors for the day and Miley celebrated with 2500 fans and friends. Some of the friends had paid $250.00 to join her in her birthday celebration. The celebration featured fireworks, sixteen giant inflatable candles and Miley doing a set of 4 songs for an enthralled audience. More details please visit:-

Miley, contrary to all the rumors floating around has committed to at least one more season her 4th with Hannah Montana. This commitment has squelched the rumors of the star leaving after this season. The third season of Hannah Montana is in production right now and the Hannah Montana movie is due for release in April of 2009.

Miley and Disney are making plans for her to star in a feature length movie written by Nicholas Sparks. This movie won’t be Hannah Montana but will continue Miley’s transition from a ‘tween star to one that will attract more teens and young adults.

Miley’s latest and greatest album, “Breakout” has spent 12 weeks on the Billboard top 100. This album in which the songs were written by Miley appears to be the start of the transition away from the ‘tween age group. “Breakout” was the number one album at one time but has slipped to #35 on the Billboard charts.

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