Cancer News and Research – A Stressful Event Occurring 2 Years Prior to Diagnosis Causes Cancer

The following cancer news and research could save your life, so please consider it carefully. My mother passed away from breast cancer in 1997. As her son, in the few years prior to her passing, I desperately struggled alongside her to find a cure and for any news and research into the latest treatments that would prolong or save her life. We tried shark cart ledge, intravenous vitamin c therapy, iridology, naturopathic treatments and whole body hyperthermia treatment without success. What I did not know then, which I have since researched and discovered, is that the primary cause of cancer is a highly stressful event that has occurred approximately 2 years prior to the actual diagnosis.

Knowing this information could have saved my mother’s life. In 1990 my mother’s own mother passed away and 2 years later she developed cancer of the left breast. They were very close and it was devastating news. It was a highly stressful event, and I can remember her saying at the time that she felt like a zombie for 2 months after her mother’s passing. Neither of us realized that this was the real cause or trigger of her cancer. More details please visit:-

In the 1980’s, Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer of Germany researched more than 20,000 cancer patients after developing testicular cancer 2 years after his young son was killed. He believed there was a link between his son’s death and his developing cancer. He subsequently discovered in his research of 20,000 cancer patients, there was a direct link between a highly stressful event and cancer developing 2 years later. What he also discovered was that every cancer, such as lung cancer or liver cancer, has a very different emotional cause. In my mother’s case, Dr Hamer discovered that the emotional cause of cancer of the left breast, being very different to the right breast, was a highly stressful conflict concerning the home, the mother, or a child. In my own mother’s case, she suffered a highly stressful conflict concerning the death of her mother, so this fit.

Since this time I have spoken to hundreds of cancer patients and in nearly all cases, there was a highly stressful event that occurred approximately 2 years prior to their diagnosis, and the emotional cause was exactly as Dr Hamer had detailed it. In further research I discovered there was a very specific process that occurred at the cell-level between a highly stressful event that caused a weakening or closing down of the immune system and cancer developing. This research was conducted by Professor Gaston Naessens, who found that healthy somatids in our cells, necessary for life, changed or pleomorphised into cancer-causing fungus over an 18 month period. This weakening of the immune system was caused by a lack of adrenaline due to high stress, and the cancer-causing fungus fed on the increased levels of sugar (glucose) in our cells, causing acidification, breaking the cell’s oxygen krebs cycle, causing cell mutation: cancer. This process took approximately 18 months – 2 years, and so this fit in exactly with Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer’s theory.

Put simply, the highly stressful event that occurred 2 years prior to diagnosis has caused cancer because the unresolved emotional pain and stress of the event, which has been suppressed, depletes important adrenaline reserves for keeping the body cancer-free. This is very empowering news for the cancer patient. If you have created your cancer at the cell-level due to unresolved emotional pain and stress, then you can now “uncreate it” by healing your emotional pain relating to this past event and other painful events in your life. For it is this unresolved emotional pain and stress that is FUELING your cancer. In further research, we have discovered that prominent cancer researcher Lothar Hirneise, who investigated hundreds of late stage cancer survivors, cited as miracles, found in nearly all cases they had made a decision to heal their emotions and let go of their repressed feelings of anger, hate, resentment and grief that they realized was fueling their cancer. YOU CAN DO THIS TO and heal your body by healing your mind and your emotions. The great news is, cancer does not have a mind of its own and it has no power over you. It must be re-created daily, as cancer cells die daily, and it needs your body to be depleted of adrenaline in order to keep mutating. When you heal your emotions, your adrenaline levels will return to your normal, and you will return to optimum health.

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