Telenor Pakistan Offers: Ideal Offers For Pakistan Students

Telenor Pakistan is one of the largest mobile companies in Pakistan with a subscriber base of over 35.2 million. This accounts to over 26% SIM market share. The company covers more than 3,500 cities and towns in Pakistan and has over 8,000 3G-ready cell sites throughout the country.

Like other mobile companies in the country, Telenor balance save code Telenor provides a number of great offers that are very attractive especially to Pakistan students. The offers include:

Telenor Talkshawk Haftawaar Chhappar Phaar Offer

You only need to subscribe once a week and you will enjoy up to 700 Telenor minutes on weekdays. In addition to having 700 minutes you also get a bonus of making unlimited calls on Saturday and Sunday.

To subscribe you need to pay Rs.60+tax and then dial *5*700#. You should note that you can only call another Telenor number using the free minutes. The offer lasts for seven days and expires at 11:59 of the seventh day.

Talkshawk 6 to 6 free calls

Here you get free minutes that you can use in calling between 6AM and 6PM. This offer gives you the freedom of making a one or three day subscription. If you want to make a one day subscription you need to pay Rs.8+tax and then dial *345*006#. If you want the three day subscription you need to pay Rs.20+tax and then dial *345*626#.

SMS bundle offer

This one aims at ensuring that you are able to easily send messages to any network in Pakistan. There is the daily (150 SMS), 5 day (300 SMS), weekly (800 SMS), 15 day economy (600 SMS), and 15 day value bundle (1500 SMS).

To subscribe you need to dial 555 IVR and then choose option 5 in order to get the offer subscriptions. To get SMS bundle options you should press 1. You should then choose your desired option and press 1 for confirmation. When you do this the respective amount will be deducted from your account and you will get a notification.

You should note that you can send messages to any network in the country.

International calls

If you have family members or friends outside Pakistan you can stay connected with them by taking advantage of the international offer. If you have friends in Canada, USA or UK you can call them any anytime at Rs.4.99 for every 15 minutes. The good side is that you don’t have to make any subscription.

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