When Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

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One of the keys to creating and running a profitable online business is understanding how the Internet has changed the way businesses must present themselves to their prospects and customers.

Online business today is totally different from physical business of the past – just not in the way you might suppose.

Of course age old established and proven small business tactics and strategies still apply. Business targeting, execution, and promotion are still critical. Customer relationships, trusted service, and iron-clad guarantees are still important.

What is totally different about online business is the way a business owner must approach dealing with his customer and prospects. In the online world, consumers hold all the power.

Never before, in the history of free enterprise, have clients had so many choices when it comes to making buying decisions. Throughout the ages, Burgerking franchise shoppers have been limited in choice by geography (location), very limited product alternatives (the stock on hand), and sparse product recommendations (whatever advertising or the manufacturer says).

Yesterday, shoppers visited a store or two, saw what was available, maybe asked for a clerk’s opinion, then made a purchase choice – yes or no. It was all so simple.

Think now about the Internet and how shopping has changed to put all the useful buying information needed right at the fingertips of the customer. Location no longer matters. Limited product alternatives are a thing of the past. Product suggestions, price comparisons, user recommendations, and owner reviews can be easily and instantly accessed by anyone, anywhere.

People now have many, many choices including which vendor they do business with, which products they decide will fit their needs, how much they will spend on a purchase, and how they will pay for their product. Most relish this consumer control. A few who have trouble making decisions hate the fact that so many options are available!

This new power of control that lies with the customer has significant impact upon the merchant.

We have all witnessed firsthand the demise of many businesses over the past decade. One of the main causes of many of the business failures during this time has been the inability of the merchant to quickly adapt to the Internet age of consumer power. Today’s wealth of consumer information and limitless options dictates a new and different business owner mindset.

No longer is it good enough to simply be mediocre in customer service, product quality, attention to small business execution, or brand marketing. At one time, consumers were at the mercy of what a few merchants offered. Not any longer!

Shoppers are unrestrained. Nowadays, they won’t settle for “good enough” in most instances. They have the ability, for any product, service or vendor, to conveniently review, compare, analyze, scrutinize, discuss and consider the options – all from the comfort of their home computer, laptop or mobile device.

Business owners must recognize and adapt to the shift of purchasing power away from the merchant and now resting securely in the hands of the consumer.

Every day an increasing number of shoppers go online to see what is being said about a product or merchant BEFORE they make a purchase decision. Every type of product and service is scrutinized online, even those that are not typically purchased via computer (like cars, pianos, sailboats, lunch at Burger King, and a haircut at Joe’s Barbershop).

Consumers are quickly realizing that “good enough” isn’t the only option any longer. They have been empowered to quickly and easily find “the best,” “the cheapest,” “the highest quality,” “the fastest shipping,” “the most trusted seller,” or whatever other criteria are important at the time.

In today’s economy, and with Internet reach, convenience and speed, a merchant’s attitude of “good enough” is no longer good enough.

Businesses of every kind, especially Internet businesses, need to brand themselves as very niche targeted, unique, a cut above, best in class, exceptional, and most importantly, “as the only logical choice of the buying customer.”

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