Healthy Living Is Advanced Spirituality

Healthy living is the most important part of a great life. Lots of sex, having lots of money, being “spiritual” and meditating, traveling all over…none of these things matter, or matter like they should, if you aren’t engaged in healthy living. As a matter of fact, these things are likely compromised in your life if you’re not practicing healthy living. For instance, without healthy living your sex life is probably suffering or diminished. People who are healthy find it a lot easier to make good money. You won’t even find it so easy to live a deeply spiritual life if your health is compromised.

In some ways, healthy living means different things to different people. But when it all comes down, the basic principles of healthy living are universal. Therefore, healthy living is “spiritual” I want to inform you of at least some of them.

  1. Be concerned about smoking. If you smoke and you can possibly stop, do so. If you find it just too difficult or even too undesirable to stop, please do everything that you can to cut it way back. You can try the herbal product Smoke Away or chew nicotine gum to help yourself quit. An alternative to not quitting is to only buy all-natural tobacco products like the cigarettes called Native Spirit, or to grow your own tobacco. These choices are not as healthy as quitting altogether, but organic tobacco is additive-free and, thus, much less addicting, meaning that you can control how much you smoke and keep it to a minimum. For those who think that it’s “healthy” to smoke a pipe: yes, it’s much healthier for your lungs, but you then give yourself a high risk of getting mouth or tongue cancer. More details please visit:-
  2. Keep on moving. Sedentary lifestyles are unnatural unless you’re a Sloth. Even if you’re one of those people who can sit around all day and night and still not gain weight, you are still not as healthy as you would be if you were getting out (sans your car) more. Take up bicycling or hill-hiking. You also can get a great workout that will have you feeling energized and also help you lose weight if you need to in just 15 minutes a day. For instance, do sets of wind sprints or kettle bell workouts for 10 minutes, skip rope for 15 minutes, or do 100 push-ups. You do have time to exercise. Put in your time and your life will improve.
  3. Maintain a healthy weight. If you’re overweight, your number one priority should be to lose the unwanted pounds. Don’t settle for it. There are plenty of things that you can do to lose weight until you’re lean and healthy. Do your research on proper eating (which has nothing to do with starving yourself) and the types of workout regimens that actually work.

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