Headlines Have You In Mind

I’ve been scouring the business opportunity magazines and Internet sites for terrific headlines. It was my plan to take these headlines and retool them to fit my particular endeavors. But a funny thing happened on the way to the retooling shop.

I noticed a recurring theme. One that I didn’t like. I call it the “Prey Parting” headline. It reads like this:


or it might say:


The sub head always says something to the effect:

No Selling
No Experience Required
No Personal Contact
No Cold Calling
etc., etc., etc.

The text always reads: Assemble products in your home at your own pace; Stuff envelopes in the privacy of your home; Make $500 next week following our simple directions; You have come to the right source to begin making the kind of money you only dreamed of…. More details please visit:-https://www.kparkerjoinery.co.za/ https://www.studiomokc.com/ https://www.masterofficeprojects.co.za/ https://primrosetransport.co.za/ https://678-hd.com/ www.naiwaennet.com

The allure is easy money for doing nothing. You are told companies supply you with materials and instructions and pay you for completed work. Some ads simply say to send your name and address and you will receive free information. When you answer this request, then you are hit with a hard ball sales pitch constructed to extract up to 89.95 from you.

Some advertisers ask for the money upfront. They want your 29.95 today. And it all sounds so appealing. Heck, you are only trading 29.95 this week for 500.00 next week. What could be simpler?

Don’t fall for this type of hype. If you do, you will be a victim of Prey Parting. In other words, someone has parted you, the prey, from their money. Parting is an old swindler’s term that, terminology wise, may be out of style but financially is very much in vogue among the con artists, fraudsters and scamsters.

Headlines perform a useful service. After all, without a headline we wouldn’t know what an article or ad is all about. The text of the ad likewise performs a useful service. It tells us the story whether the subject be an advertisement or a kidnapping. Both are necessary and needed.

But, and this is a big but, if you are reading an ad, don’t fall for the glitz and glamour of the text without researching the advertiser’s pronouncements. Do your homework and ask questions before you send off any money.

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