Connect These Dots: Unilateral Withdrawal, Egypt, Collapse of the South Wall, Raised Taxes and the..

There is a prophetic mosaic that few have attempted to explain, because it’s fulfillment appears to be shrouded in a cloak of elusiveness, and at the moment, seeming improbability. Yet we know it must be fulfilled sometime within the next few years, or other prophecies which directly hinge on it will not be able to be fulfilled. This prophetic anomaly revolves around how, and when, Israel will regain absolute jurisdiction over The Temple Mount long enough to allow them to build their Third Temple. After all, according to the book of Daniel, there will soon arise a world leader who will desecrate the Temple mid-Trib. Therefore, it logically must be assumed that in order for him to carry out this treachery, a Temple, complete with all Temple worship priestly activities in operation, must first be erected on The Temple Mount!

There have been occasional attempts by well-meaning, but somewhat fringe individuals, to free The Temple Mount from the Muslims. But none of these attempts have been successful, because the LORD does not honor those who take matters into their own hands. Rather, the LORD Himself will bring about fulfillment of specific prophecies which will free The Temple Mount from the pagan presence of Islam, and place it undeniably within Israeli control.

The political and religious mechanisms necessary for this to be accomplished are already in the process of unfolding. The current situation in The Middle East is complex, and even though we do see the unfolding of prophecy as the Quartet (the USA, the UN, the EU, and Russia) is attempting to do everything possible to bring about peace by trying to form an independent Palestinian State alongside Israel, we are able to conclude that such an eventuality will not procure a lasting peace in the region, so long as there are equally strong Islamic forces which desire to annihilate Israel.

Also, because of the raging controversy regarding national sovereignty over the Land, Israel’s current Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, is showing signs of beginning to succumb under the weight of international pressures, and is dictatorially pushing for Unilateral Withdrawal of all Jews from Gaza, as well as eventually from parts of Judea and Samaria. This program of withdrawal is not sitting well with many Israelis, even though the leftist leaning media has tried to tell us otherwise. Needless to say, many of the Palestinians, along with the Arab terrorist organizations, are beginning to sense some victory for their efforts. Some terrorist leaders have vowed to step-up their activities as withdrawal proceeds, in order to further their cause. Their ultimate desire is to annihilate Israel. More details please visit:-

Security is a constant concern for both Palestinians and Jews. Therefore, to deter the smuggling of illegal weapons, and to prevent terrorist atrocities against Israel from Gaza following Israel’s withdrawal, Egypt has been approached to oversee and provide security in Gaza.

But what does all this have to do with The Temple Mount?

Security on The Temple Mount is administered by the Waqf, a branch of Arafat’s terrorist Fatah organization, which, needless to say, is not favorable to any religious activity by either Jews or Christians within the Mount area. In fact, they frustrate both Jews and Christians by variously opening and closing access to the Mount. Even when access is granted, the number of non-Muslim visitors allowed at any given time is severely limited. Security is cited as the reason for such restrictions.

Along with the above, the Mount geologically is unstable. Seismic activity of a fault line that passes through The Mount of Olives, under The Temple Mount, and extends into The Old City, has increased of late. Also, the southern wall of the Mount has become unstable due to unethical and illegal excavating on the part of the Muslims, in order to build an underground Mosque in the area referred to as Soloman’s Stables. This weakening of the south wall has caused cracks and some sloughing along both of the southeastern and southwestern corners. Meanwhile, a growing length of the south wall itself is dangerously bulging. This bulge has been slowed down somewhat with band-aid repairs by Jordanian and Egyptian engineers, but everyone knows the wall will eventually collapse. The geological seismic activity, coupled with the south wall instability, have the potential to escalate animosities between Israel and the Islamic Arabs, if anyone is hurt or killed when further damage to the Mount inevitably occurs.

Couple this with the fact that both Muslims and Jews claim The Temple Mount area as sacred territory, and we can easily understand the ramifications for both Israelis and Muslims when these inevitable catastrophes occur.

The Temple Mount represents the presence of God to Israel. During the tenures of both the first and second Temples, the Shekinah Glory presence of God rested within the Temple. There are some Jewish rabbis who believe this presence has never actually left The Temple Mount area, and, since no one knows for certain where the Shekinah is on the Mount, they feel it is inappropriate for Jews to ascend the Mount until another Temple is constructed, for fear of encountering the power of God, and incurring a curse upon themselves. (But of course, this also begs the question of how a Temple will even eventually be built under such a possible curse, since contractors and their crews will obviously have to work there to construct it! What they fail to remember, is Ezekiel actually witnessed the Glory leave the Mount!) Therefore, the religious community is divided regarding whether Jews should be allowed to enter the Mount area, other than to pray at the Kotel — the Western Wailing Wall.

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