Tips on Planning a Great Party

As an experienced mobile disco DJ operating in the Basingstoke area, I would like to share some tips with that will ensure your party is a great success, not just in the Basingstoke area but in any town. With over 10 years experience “On the wheels of steel” I have been involved in many successful parties and some not quite so successful.

Well they say “A bad workman blames his tools”. My DJ “tools” are fine, but some of the venues I have played in and around Basingstoke and elsewhere, come to that do not provide the environment for a great party. I am talking about the layout of the hall, naturally if you are using one of the hotels in Basingstoke, such as the Red Lion or the Holiday Inn you have very little be concerned about.

For a great party consider these points:

o A crowded room, this helps creates atmosphere.
o Seating – Don’t have too much, it encourages guests to sit down rather than mingle.
o The bar needs to be part of the hall, not in another room as this encourages guests to “leave the party”.
o Table layout – Angle them towards the stage or Disco. Guest will then not have to twist round to view the dance floor.
o Dance floor – Make it small. This can be achieved with careful table positioning.
o Lighting – Low when guests arrive, but off as your party progresses. Get full benefit from the Disco lights. No one dances in a bright room.

An example of an inappropriate hall, in my opinion is Popleyfields Community Centre. Why? Because the bar is outside the main function room, your guest will “leave the party” to get a drink. Some of the best parties I have entertained at have been, the Red Lion Hotel and the Holiday Inn in Basingstoke, Why? Because all of the points above are satisfied. As a party organiser with careful room planning, you can have a great party anywhere especially in Basingstoke.

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