Old School Eats, Sweets and Treats

No matter how serious and formal you might be required to be from day-to-day, everyone should get in touch with their inner child every once in a while. Remember the pure joy of those carefree days when the simplest things in life were the most incredible. Even a walk in the park was never just a walk in the park with so much to explore and discover with every tree being assessed for its ‘climbability’ and every hidden corner a potential ‘den’. Of course most of us eventually have to grow up get a job or look after the family and the time for just having fun seems to rapidly shrink.

It’s all too easy to lose touch of that sense of wonder at the world and finding fun in the most mundane things. Children have the most incredible imaginations; capable of turning a plain cardboard box into a spaceship for the day or a bare lawn into the Wild West. So next time you are looking for the perfect give for someone that might be in need of a little reminder of how to recapture the joy of childhood, try to choose a present that will spark off memories and hark back to the good old days.

Old School Fun

There is no better way to bring out someone’s inner child than to recreate the ultimate experience of childhood: a trip to the local sweet shop. Of course it is very difficult to find a genuine sweet shop these days as most people tend to do most of their shopping in supermarkets, so why not make your own personal sweetie store and stock it with retro sweets from the old days?

Retro sweets don’t just taste great but they are sure to bring those sweet memories of childhood flooding back and remind the lucky recipient what it means to be a child. Retro sweets are a great centre piece for a party and make a wonderful talking point as everyone will remember something about their childhood, how ever far off it may seem, when they see the colourful array of retro sweets before them.

A personalised jar of retro sweets makes a great gift for anyone that might be feeling a little over the hill as the sight of long-forgotten goodies is sure to bring out the playfulness and fun of childhood and remind them of the simple joy of focusing on the lighter side of life. Retro sweets include those delicious little Candy Necklaces, the fizzy tang of Flying Saucers and the creamy sweetness of Chocolate Mice. You can even buy retro sweets in a traditional sweet shop transparent jar and recreate the excitement of that moment when the shop keeper unscrewed the jar of your chosen treat and shook it into the scales.


Of course retro sweets are just one of the many unique and fun gift ideas for bringing back some old school fun into someone’s life. It is also important to remember that toys and games are by no means the preserve of our children. Getting together with friends solely for the purpose of having fun is something most of us rarely find time for and it is difficult to get everyone together without a real focus for the night. So why not give the gift of fun and choose a game that can be played with friends of any age?

A great idea that fits with the theme of retro sweets and toys is to choose a board game that is sure to remind them of their youth, whether it is ludo or snakes and ladders, something that takes them back to the carefree days of childhood and recreates that feeling of the last day of school is sure to be a winner. Or for a more grown up affair, quiz night is a great idea for a party with all sorts of trivia games and books available. But a particularly good option for a retro-themed party is the Nostalgia Quiz, ideal for anyone growing up in the 70s, 80s or 90s. The quiz covers all the iconic moments of these decades and comes with a game DVD and everything you need for an amusing trip down memory lane.


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