Curb Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

It can sneak up on you and grab you without any warning. Once it has you in it’s grips, it seems rather futile to fight against it. A wicked sweet tooth can seem like a losing battle for anyone on a diet but El Sobrante Boot Camp owner let’s us in on how to stop fighting it and just give into it the right way.

1) Eliminate temptation by going through your pantry, cabinets and refrigerator and get rid of anything that the wicked sweet tooth feeds on. Pastries, ice cream and the kids snacks that contain words like hydrogenated fats, palm kernel oil, high fructose corn syrup or that has more than one kind of sugar listed in the ingredients. If it is not there to begin with, you will not be tempted or the binge item of choice will not be available if the craving hits you anyway.

2) Start your day with more protein. Recent studies have shown that people who start their day with lean proteins found in chicken breasts, egg whites and oatmeal lose up to 60% more weight than dieters who do not. It is believed that the body has to work harder to use protein calories and therefore you will eat less, have fewer impulse cravings and make smarter eating decisions through out the day.

3) Find an alternative sweet treat. This is a fitness boot camp diet trick that can fail us if we’re not careful. We can all remember our mother saying “have a piece of fruit” when all we wanted was chocolate cake and there is no way a kiwi is going to calm that chocolate craving. But a small piece of sugar free dark chocolate might.

A bowl full of plain frozen yogurt with fresh berries drizzled with honey might calm that temptation for an ice cream sundae. Sometimes drinking just 4 ounces of orange juice will even out your blood sugar levels enough to make the craving disappear.

4) Go for the gold when it comes to sweets and make hand made reduced sugar or no sugar cookies, light gluten free angel food cake or maybe a homemade sorbet. The key here is to enjoy this treat in a small amount and to avoid prepackaged sweets with artificial ingredients and processed sugars. After all, if you make it at home you can control what ingredients are used and how much.

5) Curb that sweet tooth with classic diet fake outs. Some of these diet fake outs may have been passed down from your grandmother and mother but there is a reason for that, they can really work. Brush your teeth for at least three minutes before going after the sweet.

No one wants to ruin a freshly cleaned mouth and the toothpaste will alter the taste of whatever you are craving. Drink an 8-12 ounce glass of water and wait ten minutes before giving in to the craving. The water will help you to feel full and waiting a bit may will give you the chance to make a different snack choice. Chewing a piece of sugar free gum will also calm the oral fixation and squelch that sweet tooth.

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